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"We have used other hosting services in the past but now rely exclusively on Hosting Masters who have earned our trust and confidence by performance. Hosting Masters provides a complete range of features, the ability to expand and a superior quality service that we have found no where else. " - Alan Hans,

"Yesterday, Tom helped me set up an account for he was great. I want to commend him for how nice and patient he was. I had had a bad experience with another company and he took the time to answer all of my questions. Thanks to Tom for calming my fears and making me want to be at Hosting Masters for a long time to come." - Amy E. Halbrook

"Hello Kevin, well I've learned a hard lesson. Can you please give me figures on what it will cost me to come back to Hostings? I would like to get the site restored as soon as possible. Since I left you, I have had nothing but problems, including email that is floating around somewhere in cyberspace. " -

"I just wanted to write and say how much I'm enjoying the additional services you have recently added...most notably the webmail (Squirrel Mail). I have been a satisfied customer for years because of your excellent customer service and technical support. I am also ever grateful that you continue to increase the services offered without increasing your rates. Bravo!" - Bill Shafton,

"Our Corporation has been using Hosting Masters for years. They are the most reliable hosting company we have ever dealt with, that's why we feel confident as a web development company to refer our important clients to use the hosting services of Hosting Masters. They have been there for us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thanks, Hosting Masters" - Dan Carbone, Entertainment Specialists Inc.

"Once again has provided lots of help. It's a pleasure doing business with, and I appreciate it." - Tom Lockhart. P. Eng., President and Chief Engineer, Innovelle Technology Consultants Inc.,

"Thank you......all of you.......for all you guys/girls do...........I've got the best server in the world." - Becky Cooper -

"Support Desk is awesome thanks. As a young company and with limited knowledge of web design I can be a pain for support desks, but Avelino F, Andre Cameron, Nate or Joseph S. have always helped me through any problem I had. Thank you Very Much." - Scott A. Grusell, ScoMo Stuff Inc.

"Thanks for the speedy replies on any questions I ask. You guys are great! You always seem to be quick to respond when someone has a question. Here at No Downtime Computer Shop we think you guys are exceptional at customer service."

"We had both of our databases get screwed up this Friday and none of my people told me about it until tonight. Seems like one of their upgrades corrupted everything and they were trying to fix it before I found out. It ended up that I needed to request to clear everything in both databases so that they could do a clean install. The Tech helped me as much as he could but I did not have the ORIGINAL password for my account and told me it would have to be fixed on Monday when sales was open. Well Monday I would be away for two days on business and needed the database fixed ASAP. I thanked the Tech for his help and understood it was a security issue and resigned myself to wait the fix until mid week when I got back. Less than 20min later a nice fellow from Hosting Masters gave me a call at home and gave me the password information so I could get my people started on the database fix. This was unexpected and a great change from the other services I have tried. I want to thank you all for your help and service!" - Roy Greenhalgh,

"You guys rule! I was part of an corporate survey regarding on-line hosting providers and when I told them what all you offered they were amazed!" - Nikko Myers,

"... I am pleased to be walked through the process by someone so helpful, so THANK YOU." - Debbie,

"You guys have great customer service. I will definitely let all my associates know about you." - Veronica Ann Zabala,